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“bloomsday, carrot, celery, chuck roast, garlic, james joyce, onion, recipes, rigatoni, stracotto, tomato, ulysses I read Ulysses in my first year of college, armed with a “European Literary Tradition” class syllabus and a book of annotations that was nearly as long as the novel itself.” Read More:

Reading: “James Joyce: Rigatoni Con Stracotto”

“Stilton or Roquefort? This chart’s got you covered. With age and maturity must necessarily come more discerning tastes. Sooner or later, you’ll have to graduate from beer to wine, from Shining-Kubrick to Barry Lyndon-Kubrick, from Safran Foer to anyone else.” Read More:

Reading: “Infographic: How To Tell The Difference Between 66 Varieties ...