Arctic Moon Pies

Arctic Moonpies

  • vanilla wafers (as many as you need)
  • marshmallow creme
  • Nutella
  • Baker’s White Dipping Chocolate
  • chopped, salted pecans

1. Mix equal parts marshmallow creme and Nutella and attempt to get a layer onto a vanilla wafer, sandwiching it with another wafer.  This part is very gooey and sticky and requires a good deal of finger licking, but doesn’t that sound naughty and fun?

2. Put the cookies in the fridge or the freezer and let the gooey stuff harden if you need to, then dip each sandwich into the melted baker’s chocolate.

3. Lay the dipped sandwich on waxed paper.  Before the chocolate hardens, sprinkle on some of the chopped pecans.

4. Finally, feed them to someone else’s children and then leave when all Hell breaks loose.

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