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“Two lab-coated scientists escalate the war between cookies and creme in Oreo’s latest campaign. The last time we heard from this ongoing saga, one man had assembled a clever way to thoroughly scrape off every last trace of creme from his Oreos–striking a blow for Team Cookie.” Read More: http://www.fastcocreate.com/1682522/two-toy-scientists-get-cremed-by-another-oreo-separator

Reading: “Two Toy Scientists Get Cremed By Another Oreo Separator”

“The following article originally appeared in the Apocalypse Issue of Lucky Peach, a quarterly journal of food and writing. It is available online only in Slate. Subscribe to Lucky Peach here. As a resident of earthquake country, I’ve long maintained a sizable stash of emergency canned goods.” Read More: http://www.slate.com/articles/life/food/2013/03/aging_canned_goods_why_time_and_heat_can_make_your_canned_tuna_and_spam.single.html

Reading: “Age Your Canned Goods”