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“It’s no secret that many Americans have a fetish for big food. Whether it’s a triple-decker cheeseburger or a 128-ounce Big Gulp, some portions in the U.S. have gotten freakishly large. But not all of our supersizing is unhealthy.” Read More:

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“Two lab-coated scientists escalate the war between cookies and creme in Oreo’s latest campaign. The last time we heard from this ongoing saga, one man had assembled a clever way to thoroughly scrape off every last trace of creme from his Oreos–striking a blow for Team Cookie.” Read More:

Reading: “Two Toy Scientists Get Cremed By Another Oreo Separator”

“The following article originally appeared in the Apocalypse Issue of Lucky Peach, a quarterly journal of food and writing. It is available online only in Slate. Subscribe to Lucky Peach here. As a resident of earthquake country, I’ve long maintained a sizable stash of emergency canned goods.” Read More:

Reading: “Age Your Canned Goods”

“The enormous, pungent, and extremely well marketed Maine Lobster Festival is held every late July in the state’s midcoast region, meaning the western side of Penobscot Bay, the nerve stem of Maine’s lobster industry.” Read More:

Reading: “Consider the Lobster”

“HERE’S THE CONCEIT: Build a single wood fire and, over the course of 30-plus hours, use it to roast, braise, bake, simmer and grill as many different dishes as possible — for lunch, dinner, breakfast and lunch again.” Read More:

Reading: “The 36-Hour Dinner Party”

“Exclusive Design Articles, Delivered to Your Inbox Daily. Unwrapping the foil initiated a slow-motion explosion of cheese. But in some beautiful paradox, the congealing fats were actually holding the tortilla together, filling in gaps like grout.” Read More:

Reading: “The Mystery Behind Chipotle’s Secret, 1,500-Calorie Super Burrito”